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We all are having fun playing Apex Legends Mobile in our phone and gameplay of apex legends mobile have some best plays like melee kills, legends ability outplays and squid wipes but these game you definitely want to share with your buddies or your social channels then follow this article along where we are going to find out best screen recorders to record Apex Legends Mobile gameplays without limit.

Apex Legends Mobile is a high-end PVP game that consumes a lot of ram on a mobile phone so make sure you have enough ram to play the game and use a screen recorder because if the ram reaches its threshold game starts to lag and we all hate lags, just use ram cleaner for this purpose and you will good to go for recording Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay.

we’re going to look at the best Android screen recorder apps right now. With a walkthrough of each, showing you exactly how to record your Android screen quickly and easily. Now when it comes to taking a screen capture of your Android smartphone or tablet, the process is often not as straightforward as it could be. Fortunately, though, there are some great Android screen recording apps that make the whole process a lot easier.

So right now we’re gonna take a look at our top recommended Android/IOS screen recording apps to record Apex Legends Mobile after testing a ton of the options out there. And show you exactly how to use each of them with a quick walkthrough so that you can decide, which one is the best one for you and how you can easily put it into action.

Lets get started with our first game recorder

AZ Screen Recorder ( Best for recording Apex Legends Mobile Gameplays)

AZ Recorder is the big boy here, choice of gamers from many years, also got lots of downloads in google play store.

Best Apex Legends Mobile Screen Recorder (AZ Screen Recorder)
Best Apex Legends Mobile Screen Recorder (AZ Screen Recorder)

Az screen recorder and this application available on IOS and android devices but just only in mobile application is available not for a desktop.

so to download and how to record using this application.

  1. Head over to the play store and find az screen recorder and Download it.
  2. so first of all open Az Screen Recorder, you will find many options in the application but today we will not discuss them because every device needs a different setting or mostly many devices works with the default setting. this will open the tray icon on your screen.
  3. Now open Apex Legends Mobile and wait for till you want to record the game.
  4. Now open the AZ recorder tray icon and tap on the record, you are good to go now. record those awesome Apex Legends Mobile gameplays and share them with your buddies.

you can record your screen so this is the output of this live stream application and one more giving you an example like this way so such kind of video you can create and you can record using your voice, guys this application very amazing you can install and enjoy this application features.

Get it From Play store AZ Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder (High resolution Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay)

Another Mobile Screen Recorder for gaming which will solve your question of ‘How to record Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay in Android

Best Apex Legends Mobile Screen Recorder (Mobizen Screen Recorder)
Best Apex Legends Mobile Screen Recorder (Mobizen Screen Recorder)

Downloading and Installing process is same as our First option so lets get inside of this Screen Recorder more.

Mobizen Screen Recorder is a screen recorder app that can record any Android user’s screen After opening your downloaded Mobizen from the Google Playstore, click the aircircle and by pressing the record button start recording your screen.

You can pause and continue recording through the air circle as well.

If you have completed your recording, click on the air circle bubble and click the stop button to finish your first video of Apex Legends Mobile,

After recording your first video, you can click watch on the pop-up to see your recording or click the menu icon from the air circle bubble and go to the video list to check out your video.

If you would like to cut or add to the video click on the editing button available in the video list menu to do the following:

cut, split, put in BGM, take a screenshot, add an intro & outro video and save the edited version!

Now, use the easy-to-use features of Mobizen and create, record and edit your gameplay or montage in your mobile phone.

Play Store – Mobizen Screen Recorder

These two are best Screen recorders for gaming and worked perfectly for other gamers and streamers but if you are still not comfortable with installing third party app for recording new mobile phones have inbuilt screen recoders prebuilt and if your mobile have one then you can use them.

but downside of using them is very few functionalities which is not good for gaming videos such as Apex Legends Mobile.

one more inbuilt option for you.

Google Play Games

Google play games come with an inbuilt recorder which is similar to inbuilt phone recorders but every mobile game now needs a google play account you have inbuilt recorder there too.

Best Apex Legends Mobile Screen Recorder (Play Games Recorder)
Best Apex Legends Mobile Screen Recorder (Play Games Recorder)

Downside of this recorder is 25 hours of HD recording and 42 hours of SD recording only and limited features.

but if you okay with it you can follow steps mentioned below. or open Google Play Games.

2. Choose the game you want to record.

3. On screen you will see record icon click on it.

4. Choose HD or SD resolution and start playing game you’ll see tray bubble icon appeared on screen where you can tap and start recording.

So these are the best Screen recorders to record Apex Legends Mobile.

If you know better recorder than mention in Article then let us know in comments and we will test it. if it works out good it will be added to list with your name too.

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