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Revenant apex legends

Revenant Apex Legends

In Apex Legends Revenant came in Season 4. Revenant Abilities are dominating if used correctly. Death Totem is Ultimate Ability he has which can resurrect him and teammates. All abilities can be used wisely to outperform the enemy.
we will be going to see Revenants Biography and its All abilities in Detail.

Revenant Apex Legends Ability guide
Revenant Apex Legends lore

Real NameUnknown

Age – 288

Home World – Solace

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities

Revenant  is locked in the base game and can be opened with using
750 – Apex Coins or
12000 – Legends Tokens.

 In Apex legends Revenant Dominates with his Offensive Abilities. Stalker is his ability in which he can crouch walk faster and climb high building speedily perfect for a quick and silent attack to the enemy. 

 Silence his Tactical ability can trow a device that damages the enemy and also disable the ability of theirs.

 Death Totem is prevent knocking down when used makes revenant and teammates spawn at totem before knocking out gives an edge over a fight.


Revenant Biography

Once Upon a time Revenant is a Human and Great hitman for Mercenary Syndicate. He killed lots of targets and fulfilled many missions that they said him to. he kinda likes his human face looking back from the mirror. 
But time changes all of it, his programming failed one day and Mercenary syndicate made him a Synthetic Nightmare of steel with help of Hammond Robotics. his master made him live again but with program him to forget all these things. they tested him and made snatch him from death every time.

After more than two hundred years he remembered some of his memories and he decided to kill them who treated him like a puppet and do this with him but they all are gone.
 so trying to find anyone remaining of Hammond robotic in outland and he will not be going to stop until he finishes them all.
before he needs a reason to kill but not in Apex Games.

Revenant’s Abilities

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities
Revenant Apex Legends
Silence Apex Legends Revenant Tactical Abilities





25 seconds


Throw a mechanism that disables the enemy’s ability for 20 sec. and deal damage

Ability Info

  • This mechanism can explode in contact and leaves an oval cloud for 10 sec.( 2 Charge)
  •  Getting hit by it or walking into that cloud can deal with 10 damage also disable the ultimate and tactical ability of an enemy.
  • Abilities that are already in use are unaffected by it but it prevents the enemy from activating their abilities.

Ability Interaction with Other Legends

Ability Tips

  • This ability can help a lot when pushing enemies can be stopped and unable to use their Tactical and Ultimate abilities also get damaged and fuzzed. just beware of passive abilities of legends such as Arm shield of Gibraltar.
  • You can trow Grenades and this device at the same time so its total domination for camping enemies. combining them both is like a total surprise to the enemy.
  • If you chased by the enemy through the Dimensional Rift of Wraith or any other way throw this device at the entrance of it so they can not use the ability anymore also vulnerable to attack.
  •  Getting combed by enemies in one place to be rushed by them using this device on doors or staircases can help you to regain position in the fight.
Stalker Apex Legends Revenant Passive Abilities







he can climb buildings higher and faster crouch walk.

Ability info

  • Crouch walking speed increase as same as walking speed.
  • Revenant can climb walls of the double distance that any other legend (10-11 meters)  and also 25% faster for shorter walls. its speed of climbing decreases in the last 20% of his climbing.

Ability Tips

  • Crouching can increase weapon accuracy at the extent to use it while not compensating with speed and accuracy.
  • Climbing buildings and attacking an unaware enemy can be done by this ability. use it with teammates on one side and flank by climbing wall and take down an enemy by surprise.
  • You can get extra speed while crouching and crouching while walking makes no noise while using any legends, you can confuse enemies by speed without making noise.
  •  crouching can make your Hitbox smaller so one more advantage.
  •  while healing using this ability can make you move faster than standing in one place.

Death Totem




180 seconds


Drops a totem that protects from death, instead of getting down or killed it returns you to the totem.

Ability Info

  • Totem got 100 health takes 1 sec. to create and last for 30 sec.
  • While using totem, it turns Revenant and his teammates into shadows last for 20 sec. 
  • Death totem has a default timer of 30 sec. but it extends when the last person used the totem and when that person’s shadow ends totem distorts. 
  •  shadows can be hit by an enemy but the shield does not damage only health damage is done by them.
  • When shadow gets killed it returns to totem showing clear red trail where it’s going so the enemy can find where totem is placed. and players return with  50 HP.

Ability interaction with other Legends

  • You can also use enemies’ death totem.
  • You can’t heal from inventory items but still, heal from abilities like D.O.C heal drone, etc. 
  •  If reviving or in process of respawning and totem time expires you need to do it again.
  • Shadow form is immune to the Hammerpoint Rounds because increased damage to without shield targets does not apply with shadows.
  • After being recalled cant use Dimensional Rift for 2 seconds.

Ability Tips

  • Place totem in high places with many covers so if you come back to it just pop one syringe and get back in battle aggressively again. 
  • Death totem never previews when it going to placed so remember not to drop it from hills. 
  • Nox gas of Caustic can damage health directly so first confirm there is no Caustic in the enemy team. ( seen whole Squads dying with this) 
  • You can use Totem for cover in dangerous situations when not have any cover. 
  • Aggression is key in shadow form you just have 20 seconds to give the enemy some serious trouble. 
  • While in shadow form using finisher will refill body shield at the end despite you cannot heal in that form.
  • If there is a risk in reviving a teammate or respawning them use Death Totem for safety.
  •  Before using Totem make sure to full your health and body shield.


  • Sometimes it happens when shadow gets killed and returning to totem again it gets stuck in the geometry of the game.
  •  If Totem is placed on moving train in Worlds Edge map and shadow gets killed you will return anywhere on the map instead of returning to the totem.


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