Rhapsody Apex Legends Mobile Legend Guide

Rhapsody Apex Legends Mobile

Rhapsody Apex Legends

In Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody is a Support legend who also called by name of Rhythm Slinger. Rhapsody abilities are very dominating to use if used correctly.
in this article, we will see Apex Legends Rhapsody backstory, Rhapsody ability trips and tricks, Her interaction with other Legends and much more to know about Hip Hop Star  in Apex Legends Mobile.

Rhapsody Apex Legends Mobile
Rhapsody Apex Legends Mobile

Real NameLinh My Vo


Home World – Solace

Legend Type – Support

Passive AbilityGifted Ear
Tactical AbilityHype Anthem
Ultimate AbilityRowdy’s Rave

Real-world Info 
Voice ActorXanthe Huynh

Rhapsody can be purchased by 10 Legend token or 750 syndicate gold in  Apex Legends mobile.

Rhapsody can be very good team player with her Dj Abilities and boost teammates shield and speed.

Rhapsody passive ability which is Gifted Ear pick up sound visualizations from an extended range. and HYPE ANTHEM a tactical ability can Play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squadmates and restores shields.

ROWDY’S RAVE an Ultimate ability can make a wall of flashing lights that blocks incoming sight and scans.

Rhapsody Lore


Linh My Vo was raised on Komma City of Solace to with an AI engineer working at Pythas Inc. Growing up with a passion of music, she grew becoming a prominent DJ. Her mom also created for her Rowdy, a little speaker drone.

At some time, Linh’s mother unearthed hidden corporate secrets. In retribution, Pythas sacked her and forced her family into a large false debt. As a consequence, Linh and her mother were compelled to migrate to the notorious Neon Dunes nightlife region in the city of Kómma. While there, Linh’s fame surged, with the turbulence and unhappiness in Neon Dunes helping to inspire her rebellious songs.

After a time, Linh’s reputation developed to the point where she was asked to perform in the rich district of Kómma. She accepted this offer, aiming to introduce a virus created by her mother into Pythas’ systems and erase their debt. However, the infection went out of control, devastating the economy of the area. With suspicions growing that she was to responsible for this breakdown, Linh decided to join up for the Apex Games under Pythas’ identity to pay off her family’s debt

Rhapsody Abilities

Rhapsody_Apex_Legends_ Mobile
Rhapsody_Apex Legends Ability





25 seconds


Play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squadmates and restores shields.

Ability Info

  • tactical ability hype anthem play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squad mates and repair shield over time.
  • upon using this ability you and your squad mates will gain a 15% movement speed boost and also repair five shield points per second to give you a better idea you can fully repair two bars of shield with one ability use.
  • either the movement speed boost that players get gets added on top of the speed boost they already have.
  • this ability has a 10 second duration a 25 second cooldown and it will end when you take damage.

Ability Interaction with Other Legends

  • the boost you kit is only around about five percent though but it means legends like octane gets a 35% speed boost.
  • when she uses a tactical ability at the same time this ability has a 30 meter range and a full 360 degrees reach around rhapsody so it doesn’t matter if your teammates are behind you the ability will still buff them.
  • this stoppage only applies to individual players though so if a squad mate takes enemy damage the buff on that teammate ends only on that player.
  • if rhapsody takes damage the whole ability ends for everyone as she’s the source of it no though only damage from enemies will end the ability so if you wore your teammate damage yourself through a grenade for example the ability will not stop.

Ability Tips

  • Combo rhapsody’s tactical ability with her ultimate ability to not only move around faster but to also prevent enemies from chasing you.
  • Be a Team Player and Boost your squad mates whenever possible.
Rhapsody Apex Legends mobile Ability







You pick up sound visualizations from an extended range.

Ability info

White Footstep = Enemy is under 30 Meters

Purple Footsteps = Enemy is at 30 to 50 Meters.

White to Purple = Enemy is running away from 30 meters range. 

  • gifted ear pick up sound visualization from an extended range.
  • footstep indicator is normally only comes out when an enemy is 30 meters away from you with rhapsody’s passive this footstep indicator will pop out all the way from 50 meters range.
  • not only that the indicator will also automatically turn white when the enemy comes 30 meters close to rhapsody meaning you’ll be able to tell if an enemy is heading towards you.
  • footstep indicators work sprinting will always show the indicator with every step running forward sideways or backwards will only show the indicator every three steps up to a 10 meter range beyond that the footsteps indicator will no longer show up.

Ability Interaction With Other Legends

  • walking and crouch walking completely stops these indicators from showing up.

Ability Tips

  • Rhapsody’s passive ability is built entirely around the footsteps indicator get used to using this to track your enemies down
Rhapsody Apex Legends ultimate Ability





120 seconds


Rowdy projects a wall of flashing lights that blocks incoming sight and scans.

Ability Info

  • when deploying its ultimate ability though enemy players can hear this thing because it’s so loud all the way up to 80 meters away.

Ability interaction with other Legends

  • players can still get hit from either side enemies that are on the outer part of the wall are highlighted in red this visual aid applies to all players which means enemies can see you highlighted from the inside.
  • this wall also blocks guns meaning legends like bloodhound will not be able to scan and see your position behind the wall.

Ability Tips

  • Also use ultimate ability in tight spaces to perform surprise attacks ultimate ability to buy some time and heal up.
  • combo rhapsody’s tactical ability with her ultimate ability to not only move around faster but to also prevent enemies from chasing you.
  • rowdy has 200 base hp which means the wall can be destroyed by destroying rawdy
  • this ability alone is absolutely perfect for this season as king’s canyon is spaced when it comes to staying safe.

Rhapsody Perks

Rhapsody has 3 Perks, 3 Finisher Perks, and 3 Ability Perks.


Volume Control – Squadmates impacted by your Tactical momentarily receive Gifted Ear.

Tuned In – Continuous running improves the range of Gifted Ear.

Sound Bleed – Sometimes observe neighboring 3D sound visualisation effects through barriers.

Finisher Perks

Battle Adaptation – Using your Finisher gives 100 points to your Evo Shield.

Tactical Advantage – Using your Finisher charges your Tactical.

Interrogator – Using your Finisher exposes the position of your enemy’s Squad on the mini map.

Ability Perks

Rowdy’s Rhythm – When performing the ultimate, Squadmates surrounding Rowdy will earn increased ammunition reload speed for a specified length of time.

Harmony – While in the sound wave condition of the tactical skill, the impact of applying healing items is boosted and revive speed is expedited.

Reverb – The larger the number of Squadmates impacted by the tactical skill, the more the tactical skill lasts.


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