Top 10 Apex Legends Best Weapons Tier List

Top 10 Apex Legends Best Weapons Tier List

We’re taking a look at the top 10 weapons of season 7 of Apex legends and Apex Legends Best weapons. We are going to do things a little bit differently like we always do around here I am going to simultaneously give you my top overall best guns in Apex Legends and top weapons for beginners return these are less experienced players.

Top 10 Apex Legends Best Weapons Tier List
Top 10 Apex Legends Weapons Tier List

I’m a firm believer that in Apex legends, certain legends, weapons, landing spots etc really can be better for beginners returnees and less experienced players.

Not everything in the game is clear cut best apex weapons that advanced players or pro players use might not really be the best for everyone. First, up of course this is my list in my opinion, what works for you might be different but I think this list is relatively solid for both beginners and skilled players alike.

Obviously what range are using these apex legends weapons will matter but overall we can make some assumptions for the best weapons in the game. In my rankings, I tried to be realistic between the overall usefulness of the weapon and how easy the weapons are to use depending on your skill level.

I left the care package weapons off this list because honestly, they are hard to come by but I almost always take them if I do get them so that’s just something to keep in mind.

10. Alternator

  • Starting off with number 10 on our lists and number 10 is the same for both overall and beginners. This is the alternator.
  • The alternator is one of my favorite guns get right off the spawn due to its relatively easy controllability in the damage it can do. The alternator isn’t the best gun out there in terms of time to kill but it’s very solid even with no attachments.
  • The alternator also has a very solid magazine size with no mag attached and this makes it something I don’t mind looking out for when I am just starting off the alternator is super easy to shoot in both hip fire and aiming down sights, which I think makes it a desirable in the early game and even later in the game.
  • For less experienced players. I however, will almost always try to get rid of this thing though. Once we do get deeper into a game My fingers are crossed for the destructor rounds to return so we can really start using this gun more often.

9.Triple Take

  • Number nine on my list is again the same for both overall and beginners This is the triple take sniper rifle and the only sniper rifle on my list.
  • This gun was my favorite gun at the launch of season six and it has had a few nerves but it is still really great at nearly all ranges up closest thing acts a lot like an EVA shotgun one hit firing, but it also has the capability to shoot as super long ranges since the choke is on by default.
  • Now again, this thing is really solid early game when people might be running around without shields the ability to do 138 damage to the head is pretty wild.
  • I sometimes use this gun into the end game and it is something I almost always considered taking one running ranked with my squad. It’s one of my favorite range weapons to recommend due to its easy nature to use, and the ability to at least do partial damage to enemies. There’s nothing wrong with this gun and there’s nothing that does really well it’s a solid choice all around.

id="2-81-spitfire-beginners-">8.1 Spitfire (Beginners)

  • Number eight is where we start to have varying lists for beginners I recommend the Spitfire light machine gun. The Spitfire at the launch of Apex legends was an absolute animal and it has had its fair share of nerfs and buffs over the seasons.
  • I think it has come back into a really solid spot during season seven of Apex especially if you are a rampart user. This is a top tier gun for beginners and less experienced players because it does have a large magazine size which makes it very easy to spray bullets at close to medium ranges even if you aren’t doing as much damage as saying r99 or r301
  • this heavy light machine gun can deal out a lot of damage just not as fast as some of the other weapons on this list. In my opinion, there might not be a better gun out there when it does come to the overall ability to put rounds downrange for a beginner that might be missing shots.
  • This gun can be extremely forgiving, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

8.2 G7 Scout (Pros)

  • G7 Scout is still very solid for damage at range one of my favorite ranked weapons when running with a squad getting tapped by G7 user can be very frustrating to deal against.
  • And this is why I do like running it. The ability to do an easy 72 damage headshot makes this thing quite versatile and a great weapon to get a peak before pushing a team.
  • The G7 is not as good as other options at closer ranges, which is what more experienced players will be wanting to take
  • Its ease of use and its overall ability to really support your team at both the medium and longer ranges, less experienced players who might be less mobile to take a look at this weapon.
  • There’s nothing wrong with the G7 I do think it’s an easier weapon to use and some of the other eight hours that require you to be more precise act closer ranges with the double tap activated at close ranges this thing can be very deadly if you are able to hit your hip fire shots. Just another thing to also keep in mind if you are running the g7 scout.

7.1 EVA8 Shotgun (Begginers)

  • Moving on to number seven on my list for beginners and the only shotgun for beginners or less experienced players is the Eva shotgun, unlike the mastiff I find that the Eva 8 is easier to hit more consistent solid damage numbers than in the mastiff because of this I choose this over mastiff for beginners and less experienced players.
  • Unlike the mastiff, the Eva8 has the same pellet spread regardless if you are hip firing or aiming down sights which takes that type Have guesswork out of the equation for someone who may be a less skilled player and they’re unsure if they are supposed to be aiming down sights or hip firing during post range battle.
  • a more reliable weapon for those that may miss some shots or only be able to hit partial shots that Eva8 just does this easier in my opinion than the mastiff however though, of course, the massive does have the potential to hit those bigger damage numbers. So if you want to use that give it a try.

7.2 Wingman (Pros)

  • Go for it my season six list had the wingman being number 2 now has dropped all the way down to number seven on my overall best weapons list. The main reason for this is because I really feel as if Olympus requires longer range weapons and worlds edge desert and Kings Canyon, which is where ranked is being played in which is where half of our pub matches are being played.
  • That being said, there might not be a more deadly player than someone with a wingman that can hit those shots at close and medium ranges. Hitting head shots or back to back head shots with a wingman is probably one of the greatest feelings Apex legends can dish out I still find myself taking the wing man occasionally but a half are gone it for the time being in favor of weapons like the flatline hemlock or r301 or r99 volt etc.
  • All these spray weapons for me at the moment just feel better to use on Olympus. That being said if you are a mouse and keyboard player, I think the wingman is still a top 30 weapon and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s your go to weapon.
  • Honestly though the wingman is a higher skilled weapon and missing shots with it is extremely penalizing, which is also why it is lower on my list this time around.

6. Volt SMG

  • Number six overall is the volt SMG honestly this SMG is really insane still it probably should be higher than I have it but I have it this low because I again find myself taking other weapons with a bit more range for Olympus.
  • I also used this weapon so much during season six to the point where I was missing using other close range of weapons. The volt My opinion is the definitive best thing to come out of the sloppy season six that we had the volt can be superb at the further side of closer ranges, which does give it an edge over some of the other close range contenders.
  • Since we are talking to volt the volt makes the top three at number three for weapons for beginners. The volt in my opinion is the best close range weapons for beginners to be taking I find that it is more forgiving than the r99 due to its overall slower fire rate and I feel it’s easier to aim because of this.
  • Even though it does have more recoil the recoil is fairly simple to control keep firing the vault is also very viable when in a close range battle nothing bad about the volt other than the fact that sometimes I have a hard time getting energy ammo.

5. Hemlock

  • now we are breaking into the top five and we will be jumping around a bit as there is a fair amount of overlap between these weapons. Number five for the best overall weapon is the heavy burst assault rifle hemlock for the longest time in Apex I was really down on this weapon book come season six is buff and even though the nerf of it during season seven to hemlock is absolutely insane at all ranges.
  • This might be the best overall versatile weapon in the game. It can compete with the ranges of the G 7 and triple take when firing in single-shot mode and it has the ability to dish out some serious damage when in a burst at medium ranges and even close ranges.
  • The one thing they have like does have an issue with is the fact that it can just be at close ranges from other options. But that isn’t to say it can’t have a fighting chance when you are hip firing this thing at the close ranges.
  • It’s easy to use in burst mode, it has a great range in a single shot is still very viable. This makes it a solid choice for players of less scale or if a player is just starting out and they may be unfamiliar with how much range a weapon can do consistent damage at the hemlock is great at all ranges.

4 Flatline (Beginners)

  • Next is number four and it is the flat line assault rifle the flat line is edged out by the hemlock because of the hemlock, versatile nature that isn’t to say that the flatline isn’t an absolute beast of a weapon.
  • The flatline might be one of the hardest hitting weapons in the game at medium and close ranges, especially if you can get a headshot in there.
  • The flat line again is one of those great all-around weapons but doesn’t excel at ranges like the hemlock burst with the anvil receiver the flat line, however, is super underrated at close ranges.
  • Hip firing with this flatline at close ranges is absolutely devastating if you are hitting your shots. Again, if you had any sort of headshots on your enemies, there’s a good chance you will be the victor in your battles.
  • This is just how good this thing can be at close ranges. For more advanced players making pushes having a weapon like this that can be great medium ranges to get an enemy down and shields or health and then having the ability to close the gap and finish them off at close ranges all with this one weapon is really amazing.

3. R301

  • Next up is number 3 on our overall best weapon list and that is the tried and true are 301 the most consistent and staple weapon of Apex legends makes a return to my top 10 list.
  • This may also be one of the best all-around weapons in the game right up there with the flatline in hemlock if you are having a hard time finding heavy ammo or if you just need an alternate weapon to the flatline or hemlock this weapon will not let you down.
  • That being said there are weapons out there with better range and weapons that can do more damage at closer ranges. But the AR 301 is a staple of the game This brings us to the fact that this weapon is my best weapon of choice for beginners.
  • It has easy to control recoil solid magazine size, it’s easy to find light ammo and it’s the easiest weapon in the game to get down in one that everyone should be very familiar with. There’s really not much more to say about it every game has that one weapon that is a staple of the game something that’s easy to use very familiarly and the AR 301 is definitely that in Apex legends.

2. Mastiff

  • Number 2 and my list is the mastiff shotgun. This honestly might be the most consistent pick up out of every weapon on this list for me.
  • This is a must-have weapon for me if I am making any sort of push the ability to pull this thing out. After weakening some new with a clip of R 301, r99, flatline, etc, and then blowing them away with a one-shot 100 damage is really incredible.
  • On top of this, the mastiff allows the user to take way less ammo than if they had another spray weapon. This means you can carry marker needs utility or other items as you wish.
  • I am loving the massive but I do miss the peacekeeper being on the ground. I wonder if we will ever get these weapons swapped out again Time will tell

1. R99 SMG (Apex Legends Best Weapon)

  • number one on my overall best weapon list is that returner to the floor loot the r 99 SMG What can I say there’s no other floor weapon in the game that will down someone faster than this weapon
  • it does require a significant amount of skill to be hitting your shots with but once you do get its recoil pattern down and are able to control it.
  • There’s a reason why it’s a choice for the sweatiest of sweats again, one of the best feelings in the game is hitting a 200 plus damage one clip of an R 99 ending someone’s game super fast an expert marksman will also be able to use this thing at some relative decent ranges for at least softening up enemies This is my best weapon in it both on paper in in the game performs as so because it does have the fastest time to kill in the game.

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