Wattson Apex Legends Pro Ability Tips with Full Guide

Wattson apex legends

Wattson Apex Legends

In Apex Legends Wattson is one of the best Defensive legends. her defensive Abilities can stop any attack from enemies and defend squad with helping them. That’s the reason why Wattson called a Static Defender.

Wattson Apex Legends
Wattson Apex Legends lore

Real NameNatalie Paquette

Age – 22

Home World – Solace

Rampart Abilities

 Wattson came in Apex Legends Games in Season 2 and Comes locked in the base game. While unlocked by,
12,000 Legends Tokens.

750 Apex Coins.

 Wattson is Defensive Legend little slow playstyle than others but she can be the best defender of any thing. 
Her Tactical Ability of the Perimeter Security defense gives fences that can damage enemies with slowing them down.
Wattson’s Passive Ability helps her to recharge the Ultimate ability of her using a single Ultimate Accelerant.
And Interception Pylon is her Ultimate Ability which stops any throwable that comes in its way like missiles, grenades.



Wattson Biography

Wattson is the daughter of Apex Games lead electrical engineer names Luc Paquette and her real name was Nattalie Paquette.
Like her father, she also fascinated about electricity at a very young age she read his father’s manuals to learn how it works. but she distracted by her mind can’t focus on it so she grounded her with electricity and found the sense in all things that flows only inside her.  

After Learning subject trough out she became so expert in it that she hired by a syndicate to make Modified Containment Ring. But on the day of reviling of containment ring he father died that same day leaving her alone in her life’s journey. she became so sad and at her low moments then a group of Apex Games players come to her and told her to come with them to join the fight. from that day Wattson hustling in the same arena she made and giving enemies a shock while playing with friends.

Wattson Abilities

Wattson Apex Legends Abilities
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perimeter security wattson apex legends abiility

Perimeter Security

Wattson Apex Legends




30 seconds


creates electrified fences that slow down enemies with a damage.

Ability Info

  • Max 12 nodes can be deployed and the old node gets destroyed while making a new one.
  • Nodes can be placed at a maximum distance of 20 meters and can be connected with 2 other nodes also picked up to get a charge back.
  • Damages and stun enemies with pinging locations from where the fence is crossed. damages 10 per tick and stun lasts for 1-2 sec.
  • Nodes got 25 health for each of them and fences do switch off when Wattson or teammates pass by it.

Ability Interaction with Other Legends

  • Dome of Protection shield of Gibraltar is block fences like walls.
  • Miraj’s Decoy can detect fence and get the location of it.
  • A fence does not damage shield only harms health. it cannot get damaged by Ring.
  • Nox Gas of enemy Caustic can damage fences.
  •  Wattson Can use enemy Wattson’s fence nodes to connect with her nodes. the door gets destroyed when it gets in between fences.

Ability Tips

  • Fences are good when used as defensively using it wisely to flank down enemies or get them chocked at the point to take them, make strategies according to the building also.
  •  Make triangle fences rather than two fences so the enemy gets caught in it and with double damage and stun can weak down any best player.
  • If you playing with Wraith you can place fences at Dimensional Rift to get chasing enemies. also, fencing Ziplines can work well because of it hard to shoot while using Zipline.
  • Using fences to avoid enemies to go certain ways and if there is no other way, place it where it can not destroy easily and take cover nearby it to get enemy.
  • Standing down in a fence can stop it so use it as there are no fences and trick enemy rushing towards you.
  • Placing fence on the right place is key, nodes need a solid place to stand and fences can fly in between them so using it on Zipline or stairway can help too.
spark of geniuos wattson apex legends abiility

Spark of genius






Ultimate Accelerants can fully charge Ultimate and Interception Pylon Boosts Tactical Ability.

Ability info

  • When Wattson is near to Interception Pylon It charges Perimeter Security a Tactical Ability in only 3 seconds instead of 30 seconds normally.
  • Ultimate Accelarants can fully charge Ultimate Ability in an only single pop.

Ability Tips

  • If you got Ultimate Accelarants at the start of a match, pop it so it givers Wattson more potential.
  •  Carry More than 1 Ultimate Accelerants to give Wattson’s Abilities full charge while playing.
  • In the last few rounds try to save Ultimate Accelarants to use it effectively when area shrink up and need to play more defensive
Intrception pylon wattson apex legends abiility

Interception Pylon




180 seconds


Pylon destroys incoming throwables and repairs damaged shields

Ability Info

  • Now Wattson can create  3 Interception Pylon max and pylon gets destroyed in 90 second
  • Pylon can recharge around 2 shields per sec. and Pylon health is 150 it can destroy by bullets.
  • Interception Pylon is neutral so it destroys trowable of enemies as well as our squadmates. recharge shields of an enemy also. 
  • Throwable must be in clear sight of Pylon only then it gets destroys. or already landed ordinance can be spared from Pylon.
  •  Pylon can block doors and you can also climb on it.

Ability interaction with other Legends

Ability Tips

  • Interception Pylon can be shot down so use it in the place where it’s safe from bullets.  
  • Pylon can recharge shield so use it while using Syringes to get fill health and shield at the same time.
  • Using it in difficult conditions when no cover and knocked teammates can give you cover and also changes shield while reviving.
  • Using Interception Pylon in the last rounds is a great advantage so make sure you have enough charge to create Pylon.


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