What Happens to Legends after they Die in Apex Legends

What Happens to Legends after they Die in Apex Legends
What Happens to Legends after they Die in Apex Legends

It has been a long-debated topic what happens when legends die in apex legends it seems they get shot up exploded or sometimes disintegrated but they come back to life even stronger than before.

respawn chamber

so finally rispawn has given that own piece of information to help us understand what is actually happening it’s like a small note by respond to say this is actually the truth.

So in the new winter Express event, one of Octane’s new quips makes him say

“Come on compadre you’ll warm up in the respawn chamber, if you’re lucky”

So it seems like when legends die they go to the respawn chamber and well I guess they respawn and are ready to fight again another day so this still opens up a lot of questions what exactly is the respawn chamber is it like Titanfall regeneration or is it a literal respawn chamber because the apex games is a simulation.

well I think apex legends being a simulation because octane made reference to him trying the gauntlet in real life by mimicking what he saw people doing in a simulation too small not to us that the gauntlet which Octane’s backstory was inspired by is a virtual simulation but the apex games is distinctly in the real world and not in that same simulation we can also rule out regeneration sort of at least I think so this is something pilots could do in the title for series to essentially replenish their body so that they can become stronger and learn new things faster it was a law friendly way of adding a Call of Duty like prestige system into multiplayer but in the law it stated that memories are lost when pilots regenerate which makes me think that I can’t be regenerating in apex legends.

I think that the respawn chamber is another highly advanced medical technology that’s sort of like a super stem or super regeneration it can heal up a legends body even after it would be beyond repair but it doesn’t damage their memories a lot of money is riding on the apex game so it could make sense they have the absolute best medical technology possible.

The only question that arises with this very is why does Wattson’s a legendary finisher literally show players getting too soon degraded well seeing as they’re already down we could stretch and say maybe it’s just for a show and the legend is actually being teleported to the respawn chamber who knows the specifics but either way it’s nice to see respawn are piecing together their law of small voice lines images and loading screen text like this so we now have more details on what happens to legends when they die in apex legends.

There’s so much money riding on the apex games it would be foolish to put legends in real danger so all of it is put on and no legends are ever really put in harm’s way and once the match is over everybody is sort of like a big family or colleagues at least the apex games in a way is fake kind of like wrestling and to me I still think that could be possible but the shooting and ordinance and real damage could certainly be real with this new information about the respawn chamber.

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