Wraith Apex Legends Lore, Ability Pro Tips And Full Guide

Wraith apex legends

Wraith Apex Legends Mobile

Wraith is widely used Legend in Apex Legends Mobile because of her offensive Abilities and small hit box making her difficult to catch while shooting. Wraith also named Inter dimensional Skirmisher, her abilities can very useful in Apex legends Mobile and that’s what makes her one of the best legends in Apex games.

Wraith Apex Legends
Wraith Apex Legendslore

Real NameRenee Blasey

Age – 32

Home World – Typhon

Wraith Apex Legends Abilities

Wraith is already unlocked and free in the base Apex Legends Mobile game. 

Wraith is Offensive Legend with Abilities to used as quickly flank and reposition while in a fight.

While using Into The Void wraith becomes invincible and can take cover or reposition quickly in response to fight or flight. 

Voices from the Void is her Passive Ability can help her and squad mates to know enemies are near.

and finally, her Ultimate Ability Dimensional Rift allows her to create a portal to transfer her teammates or her to safety quickly.

Wraith has been a pinnacle legend for as long as apex legends Mobile has been out she’s been a go-to for many pro players many casual players and many pub stompers and her abilities can really get you out of sticky situations and help your team with rotations while wraith really hasn’t changed that much since the game came out

Wraiths Backstory

In IMC detention facility also called a subject 61137, and ‘Wraith‘ Codename. now she can manipulate in space-time and gives her enemies fast and lethal attacks, opening portals with reality in time and travel in it. but years ago, she woke up confusingly in the detention center of IMC with no memory of past life with mental illness. also hears a distance voices in her mind that keep her conscious days and night closely compelled her to move on insane.

One day she was in the facility waiting to be sedated and one portal opened and a person with a purple helmet came out from nowhere scaring staff of the facility. she told her to not sit here idle and fight back she is Wraith from another dimension seeking revenge one them who experimented with her years. she gave her device and told her to trust the voices they will lead you to the right place.

After that using portal to escape from the facility and traveling in void walkers dimension she arrived at Kings Canyon which is still under development for future Apex Games. Wraith wants to know her real identity so to find it in research facilities and experiment centers in Kings Canyon but they are buried underneath of ground and guarded for use in Apex Games. So she decided to take part in Apex Games and uncover the truth of her past. After taking part in Apex Legends with every match she knows more about truth.

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Wraith Abilities

Wraith Apex Legends Abilities
wraith Apex Legends Abilities Tips Lore and Guide





25 seconds


Avoiding any damage flank or reposition fast in the void to safety

Ability Info

  • Take 1.25 seconds to activating phase, After Activation, Wraith became invincible for 4 seconds with a 30% boost in speed. when in the void can see enemies and the screen turns in greyscale.
  •  enemies can detect blue trail which shows where wraith is going while using void.
  • while using void Wraith cannot interact with other Abilities of legends or doors except zipline. some objects are still unusable.
  • A small delay occurs when Wraith enters Void at that time she unable to perform any action.

Ability Interaction with Other Legends

  • If Two Wraiths use their Ability at the same time, they can find each other in the void.
  • Into the void can also use while using Dimensional Rift, Wraiths Ultimate Ability.
  • While entering the void to exiting Wraith shows blue Trail but she leaves no marks for Bloodhound’s Tracker

Ability Tips

  • Into the void can be used in close range fights to the flank enemy or to flight in dangerous situations.
  • Make sure you are in a safe place when exiting the void there is a small delay before doing something.
  • while in void make sure you have extra mobility because in void movement speed increases slowly so while starting Into The Void makes current speed fast as possible and do not crouch while in the void.
  • 25 second cool down which is pretty short  compared to some of the other abilities in the game so make sure you’re using it as soon as possible.
Modded Loader-apex-legends







The enemy danger is near then voices warn Wraith.

Ability info

    • Wraith hears spectral voices warns her if:
    • Enemy Aiming with a sniper rifle.
    • enemy aiming with any other weapon.
    • many enemies near.
    • traps in a nearby area.
    • A Grenade tossed at her.
    • Many enemies near.
    • Many peoples have died nearby.
    • The information about the voice can also be shared with squadmates.

Ability Interaction With Other Legends

Ability Tips

  • The ability to sense danger before it approaches makes Wraith one of the best offensive legend. you can go out in open space or search in new areas and get to know if there is any danger lurking around.
  • Using this ability with Into the Void can get you out of any worst situation even before it happens.
  • make sure your teammates also know the danger you found out with this Ability.
Dimentional Rift Wraith Apex legends Abilities





210 seconds


Creates a portal that links two locations for 60 sec. anyone can use them.

Ability Info

  • Wraith creates a portal on joining two locations, while entering in portal she places one portal and when exiting she places second. portals can speed up to 5 times speed than normal and can be used in both directions.
  • wraith can be estimated run 75 meters before placing the second portal and timer does not add when standing still. 
  • While creating Dimensional Rift Wraith gets a 25% speed boost and also use Into the Void but cannot use map features, any items, or weapons.
  • Other Legends using portal creates blue trail like Into the void, also invulnerable to any attack.
  • If two portals placed outside of the Ring they get disappear after 4 seconds.

Ability interaction with other Legends

  • Only Legends can pass within the portal. no ordinance, any objects, Mirage Decoys, or Crypto drones can use the portal.
  • Speed boost of Dimensional Rift does not get stacked with Into the Void.
  • Portals are intangible so objects such as Wattson’s Perimeter Security fences can be formed intersecting portals.

Ability Tips

  • Portal can be best to get out if the squad is stuck in place create a portal to help them.
  • A downed teammate can also use portal so if the situation is not favorable use portal to travel them to safety then revive.
  • You can also use other abilities while creating a portal.
  • Many players can take a portal at the same time also your enemies so making a trap for them will also work. using the help of other teammates like Caustics Nox Gas and Wattson’s Perimeter Security fences or even Octane’s Launch Pad can works perfectly if you use wisely. if done correctly it can wipe down the whole squad.
  • Portal places in the direction you are facing so make sure you face the same direction where you want to end portal.


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